So, you’ve come across the Presto 05422 CoolDaddy Cool-touch deep fryer and its abundant features have enticed you to buy one. Are you wondering how efficient the product is? Do you have doubts on whether it will be able to meet your frying and cooking needs? We encourage you to read our review first before making a final decision. 

I’m quite sure  you will agree with me if I said that a meal is not complete without fried food. They are among the favorites of many households. The aroma and taste they give are second to none. Cooking crispy, mouth-watering fried food doesn’t need to be time-consuming or complicated. You will need a good deep fryer in order to achieve the texture and taste you want, such as the Presto 05422 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer. You can learn more about this top-rated deep fryer here!

Presto Brand Overview

Presto was established in 1905. Since then, it has been the favorite kitchen appliance manufacturer of most homes and even businesses. The company as well as its clever team’s commitment, passion, and consistent efforts have helped it conquer both the local and global market.

Aside from popcorn makers, coffee makers, cookware, and pressure cookers, their collection of deep fryers are among the most sought-after. Simple, yet superior concept – that is what their deep fryers are all about.  

Review of the Presto 05422 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

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There are so many deep fryers, but it is important to look for a model with great quality and efficient performance. I’m talking about something like the Presto 05422 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer!

This deep fryer model has been popular for years now, and the credit goes to its useful features and quality build, keeping owners from burning and splattering oil. It makes use of 8 cups of oil and serves up to 6 cups of food.

In terms of ease of use, CoolDaddy is always in the list of the top performers. You can watch your food cook without opening the lid thanks to its large viewing window. Additionally, this unit uses 120 Volts AC and 1500 watts energy consumption. The temperature ranges from 250-370 degrees Fahrenheit or 121-190 degrees Celsius and it weighs only 3.4 pounds.

Therefore, storing with the basket, handle, and cord inside is just a breeze. It comes with a convenient nonstick inner cooking pot to ensure easy and fast cleanup. The wire interior basket, on the other hand, includes small holes for draining.


There are a lot of reasons to love the Presto 05422 CoolDaddy deep fryer. Here are some of its top-notch features:

Non-stick interior and cool-touch exterior: The non-stick inner frying basket greatly contributes to easy and quick cleaning while the cool-touch exterior surface doesn’t heat up even after prolonged use. So, no more blisters and burns due to unintentional touching of the exterior surface of the deep fryer.

1500-watt energy consumption: Allows you to cook or fry food in just fifteen minutes. It quickly gets hot which is highly beneficial on your part as you can cook fast while lowering the amount of power used.

Removable frying pot: Ensures ease of cleaning since you don’t have to take the entire unit with you.

Adjustable thermostat: Lets you prepare different recipes with ease. You can set the fryer from 250F-375F. This feature works by detecting the temperature in the machine and notifying the owner through the indicator light as soon as the temperature reaches the chosen setting.  

Indicator light: Removes the guesswork and lets you know precisely when the oil is at the appropriate temperature for cooking. It prevents raw or burned meals.

Large viewing window: Easily monitor what you are cooking without having to open the cover over and over again. It also minimizes cooking smell and prevents oil spattering.

Push button lid: This is situated on the front of the fryer. With a single push, the lock of the lid will be released immediately.

Charcoal odor filter: This is a good addition to this deep fryer’s features because it gets rid of greasy smell in your kitchen and entire home. It is positioned on the lid’s dedicated chamber and works by absorbing all the odor and flavor from the air that comes out of the device. You can easily replace it with a new one too by simply swapping it out.

Temperature guide: This makes the Presto 05422 CoolDaddy deep fryer more convenient to use. The temperature guide is printed at the unit’s front. It has illustrations of some ingredients with their conforming optimum cooking temperature levels.


This deep fryer is able to accommodate up to 6 cups of oil. Also, this fryer can whip up a good amount of food without taking up plenty of counter space. It can prove to be a good machine for cooking small amounts of food as well.


While it is not made of stainless steel or aluminum, its overall construction is not questionable at all. It can, in fact, last you a year or two.  


Your convenience while using the Presto 05422 deep fryer is not at stake. For instance, the large viewing window allows you to monitor the cooking process and the adjustable thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature.


Its 1500 watts energy consumption allows for fast heating. Plus, you can cook almost any food at the same time. Good for small and large batches of meals.


The Presto 05422 deep fryer includes a lockable lid to ensure the oil won’t splatter out. There is also a safety measure both for adults and children who may be around the unit when it is in operation.

What We Like

  • Simple and compact design
  • Can cook two different servings at a time
  • Features adjustable thermostat and cool-touch exterior
  • Very convenient and safe to use
  • Produces fast yet crisp and healthy deep-fried food
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good for small family

What We Don’t Like

  • Small capacity, ideal only for 6 people
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Timer not included
  • The removable pot requires you to place it properly every time you cooking  

Bottom Line

If you are not a big fan of stainless steel, the Presto 05422 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer could be your best option. Its plastic exterior body, huge knobs, and attached lid are well suited to people who want a quality deep fryer in their kitchen.